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    Connections failing


      Recently we have started to experience problems with some participants within our classrooms.  Certain participants all of a sudden lose their connection to the meeting room and so get kicked out of the session.  The classroom then automatically re-loads and the participant gets in but this is of course very disruptive for the participants.


      It does not affect all participants, only a proportion in each meeting (it is always the same participants in recurring meetings that we run).  Other participants in the same meeting (including us as hosts) have no problems at all.  It has only started in the last couple of weeks and initially was isolated to one particular meeting room/set of delegates, but in the last couple of days has started to have an impact upon other meeting rooms.


      I have been in touch with the Connect Support Team but the only solutions they have offered so far is that the participant could be using inadequate browsers or internet connections.  This is not the case (the connection test have shown all should be fine, and all are using wired connections).  I am disappointed that Adobe have not been forthcoming with other reasons and/or solutions.


      I am starting to think this may be some problem with Connect 8, and as Adobe themselves dont appear to be particulalry concerned about this I was wondering if anyone else has expereinced this problem.  Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions on this topic as I would love to hear what others think.


      Thanks all

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          Heyward Drummond Level 3

          I have not seen this before with Connect 8 nor have I heard of complaints from my customer set (US Government).


          When I have seen this with other web conference tools I've used and one that I used to represent, it usually means there is a "break" in network connectivity.


          Things to consider and explore:


          1. Are the work stations that experienced the disconnect all on the same network router?

          2. Are the issues related to any use of a wireless router? I never recommend the use of any wireless router EVER when using any web conference tool because wireless is never ever a robust constant on connection.  Wireless is always affected by interference from other wireless routers that "bleed" into the channel space and cause the network to get affected...i.e. causing frequent interruptions of the stream and for a web conference connection is critical. Any interference can cause a break.

          3. Are the network cables in good working order?  I've been in tech support before and seen a lot of times when ethernet cables have aged and become damaged as the ends get pulled on.  After awhile those connections become problematic.  New ethernet cabling at the workstation can do wonders.


          There are all kinds of things that can cause network interruptions. Normally, this is not an Adobe Connect issue to resolve. Adobe Connect will try to reconnect when it sees a break but it is only as good as the network quality it sits on. Suggest that a network sniffer be implemented to see what could be going on. I've found lots of issues when I used a sniffer anywhere from bad routers, bad cable segments to a part of a building, bad network cards, routers that were incorrectly configured, bad firewall configurations, etc. Very complex stuff!


          Best to phone into Support and investigate if Adobe Connect is having an issue (if Hosted). If you are on-premise Connect customer, then this is purely a network issue that must be addressed by local IT.

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            Rushers82 Level 1

            Thanks for this.  Most useful but all stuff that is largely out of our control unfortunately.  Do you think adjusting the bandwidth that meeting room uses down would help?

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              Heyward Drummond Level 3

              No, the issues you describe are all related to a network that is getting disconnected/severed. That disconnection can occur at the desktop (bad ethernet port, bad ethernet cable, bad ethernet cabling, bad router in the network, etc.), in the cloud (could be a bad router in the loop or poor wiring), or if using any kind of wireless devices they can all be affected by microwave (2.4 ghz) signals, too many wireless routers in a specific area (too close to each other and they begin to overlap their signals thus causing disconnects for end users), wireless routers not configured properly, etc.


              The IT department has to be brought into the equation and be informed of this network interruption.  Suggest you file a complaint or request investigation. IT can run a network sniffer and determine the quality of the connections locally.  I have used devices in the past that will advise if the cable is breaking down and if there are broken links on a network run. So, the technology is there today to figure this out.


              Lots of times, people who used to just use email for collaboration would never know their network connection was problematic/poor because email is sporatic and not an always on technology.  But when people began to use instant messaging, Skype, and web conference solutions, then they are keenly aware that they have a problem because these social technologies require a constant stream connection without any hickups.  It is the nature of the technology and one that all vendors deal with. Adobe Connect will try to reconnect immediately and if there is a long break it will then pop up a box to let the user reconnect. Sometimes, if the IP address of the work station changed while it was off briefly, then Adobe Connect would require that you reload the browser and relaunch the room URL.


              Adobe Connect is only as good as the underlying network it relies on...it is a wonderful technology but it cannot perform miracles if the network was not setup properly or scaled to fit the demands of video, VOIP, webcams, file transfers, etc. Best to have someone evaluate the network infrastructure before adding any kind of social networking tool like web conferencing, instant messaging, Skype, etc.


              Hope that helps explain.

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                Were you able to find what was wrong? We have the same issue with our Connect 8.

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                  Rave Adobe Employee
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