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    PDF export Error



      I''m working with Indesign Server CS5 with a jsx script that create documents. Once the indd is created I try to export the relative pdf in the same location but I get this error:

      "ERROR .. Cannot create the file.  The folder may be write protected.".

      It seems to be a permission problem, but I check many times and there aren't restriction for the output folder, indeed the Indesign Server is able to create the indd document.

      The script previously worked with CS4 and it was always fine. The Indesign Server CS5 is running on Windows 7 64bit.

      It could be a CS5 version bug?


      Thanks in advance.




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          paon.m-U2NuyY Level 1

          I found there is the problem:


              with( myPDFExportPreset ) {
                      exportReaderSpreads = true; //PROBLEM HERE
                  // 3. Do the export
                  theDocument.exportFile( ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, previewFile,myPDFExportPreset);


          If I delete " exportReaderSpreads = true;" the PDF will be created. It seems that Indesign Server is not able to save some preferences.

          It's running with administrator privileges.

          I hope this may help