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    Recording the Alt +Tab key

      I have recorded the Alt + tab key in a simulation. It worked fine on the day I recorded it, but today when I run the simulation and I try to use the keystroke Alt + tab, I get the Alt + tab in my environment instead of captivate. Captivate ignores the Alt + tab keystroke in the simulation and gives me the open applications I have on my computer. Is there a fix - can I not use the Alt + tab keystroke in a simulation? Tks.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          The problem is almost certainly "focus". The keyboard commands you type are directed to the application that is currently active, or in that absence, to the system itself (which is what I suspect you are seeing here).

          Have you tried using a button or click-box earlier in the project? That would force the student/viewer to "click" the Captivate SWF, thereby directing Windows to treat the Captivate project as the "active" application. Just a thought - no guarantees - but I hope it helps, SBJones.