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    How do I set the charset in robohelp?

      I have to edit a Polish help file but Robohelp change the charset of every topic I edit from

      charset=windows-1250 to charset=windows-1252

      Resulting in the Polish characters not being displayed properly.

      charset=windows-1250 is for Belarusian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian

      But I can't choose any of these languages in Project settings.

      How can I force Robohelp in keeping or using charset=windows-1250?
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          ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
          Sorry, you're out of luck! RoboHelp insists on using the 1252 character set.

          Is the help originally written in Polish or is it translated? If it is merely a translation, you can take the translated files and the original HHP and compile the Polish help using Microsoft HTML Help Workshop or FAR.

          Please excuse this short answer, but I'm under som time time pressure today. I'll gladly try to help you some more come next week.

          Oh, and welcome to the forums. ;-)

          ---Dirk Bock
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            Fabreno Level 1
            Htm file were translated from English outside Robohelp, so I guess whatever software they used during the translation changed the Charset from windows-1252 to windows-1250.

            And now when editing a Topic Robohelp change it back to windows-1252

            I only have 4 topics to edit so the quick workaround should be to make my changes in Robohelp, save, then manualy change the charset to windows-1250 in notepad before compiling.
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              I have had the same problem with Japanese. RoboHelp seems to change the Charset back every time I try and change it.

              Is there no way to import Japanese html files that have been written elsewhere into RoboHelp?
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                Fabreno Level 1
                I haven't tried with Japanese, but Roboholp will keep the original charset of your htm files as long you don't open/edit them.

                First it's important you change you Regional options and Language for non-unicode programs to japanese.

                Then if I need to edit something, I will make my changes save the project then change the charsert using notepad.
                (If you edit a bunch of them you can use notepad++ to do a find and replace in files)
                Then reopen the project and compile it.

                Don't edit the htm source in Robohelp what you see is not necessarily what you get.