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    Going from single project to merged projects

      Hello, again,

      We have software that consists of several individual applications integrated into one big web-based system. (For example, if it were ABC Financial System, it might consist of an "Accounts Receivable" application, an "Accounts Payable" application, a "General Ledger" application, and so on, all integrated into one package.)

      Currently, I'm working on a Robohelp Webhelp project for one of the applications. The project is expected to provide screen-level help. It'll be a while before the second (and third and fourth) project is done.

      Once we have multiple projects, we will want to merge them into one big help file--accessible separately from the screen-level help--that will allow the users to access help for any application in the system.

      Question: Do I just generate my first project, put it into production as a single project, and then later, when I have multiple projects, add in a separate merge task to achieve the merged projects file? That is, there's no special set-up required for each project now if I'm planning to add a merged file down the road?

      Just checking--I haven't had to do all this from scratch before.

      Thanks very much.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          What you want to do is create a parent and one child now. See the topic on my site about merged webhelp.

          Then you can work on creating the other projects quite separately. When you want to integrate them, just go back to the parent and add the references to the child projects.

          You can add any project to a merge at any time. You don't have to warn the child that one day it might get put in a merge.