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    Links from RoboHelp don't convert into PDF file when "printing to PDF"

    Teri White
      I need to output my webhelp file to an Adobe PDF. However, my links are not converting UNLESS I put in part of the code. mailto: links will work if there is a visible @xxxxx on the screen. Regardless of the background code, if I don't have the @xxxx visible on the page, the link will not work. The "hand" will not turn into a "pointing finger" in the PDF file.

      I've looked at the settings, and am beating my head against the wall! This is a manual that will be published to a PDF on a weekly basis, so redoing all the links in Adobe is not a solution! I need my links to other parts of the manual, URLs and email links to work as the do in the RH side. All suggestions welcomed! Thanks!!

      p.s. I am using RH 5.0.2. The Adobe side is 7.0 Thanks!