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    Flash CS3 Slider Component


      I am currently working on a project where I am using Flash CS3 Professional and AS3. I decided to give the Slider component a try. Well it works great on the Windows XP plaftform but not on the Mac OS X. Has anyone have problems with it on the Mac. I have the slider controlling the slide of a gallery moving horrizontally, on slide the gallery disappears then when I bring the slider back to the begining the gallery will reappear (sometimes)

      My gallery is dynamically loaded on the stage using XML. The Slider component is loaded at runtime also. I tried the both option putting it on the stage at design time and both give identical problems. Has anyone ran into this problem. Like I said on the Windows XP platform it works like a charm. Not the Mac.

      If anyone has some pointers for me will be great or is this just an overlooked bug by Adobe.