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    How do I simplify this in Director? It's nothing like Flash :(


      Well for a specific class I'm taking now the teacher decided that we should learn a new program just for the heck of being able to adapt to it and he decided we should learn Director. Usually we use flash and I'm pretty fluent in it but now I'm going a little cuckoo with Director


      It's just frustrating me and being tedious.

      Here's an example of one of the things I would like to do:

      Something forming on the screen and creating letters. Example: blood  flowing onto the screen and then creating letters and flowing off  screen.

      (Our task was to recreate title credits of a horror movie of our choice)

      In Flash I would simply: Draw something  (example: http://www.indiansplash.com/images/blood.jpg) and then F6 (copy the  keyframe) and then add on to it without the previous keyframe being  affected. Easy. Then keep adding blood in each keyframe, slowly removing  some from top and making the bottom part form letters. Etc...

      Now I tried to do something like that in Director. What happened? Take  the first frame, can't draw into it. Must use the drawing panel to  create an image. Draw a bit of blood.

      Can't copy to a new keyframe, If I place the same image into a new keyframe and edit it, the previous keyframe is affected too. Need to copy the contents of my drawing  completely. Ok, I've loaded my image again, copied it and pasted it to a new drawing  panel.

      Wait, no paste in place? Ohh, damn, now I have to align it exactly as  the other one. And then copy that and paste it again and then add on to  it... And so on... Any easier way??

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          Production Monkey Level 3

          Flash began as a Vector animation tool. Director began as - and still is - an Interactive Multimedia development tool. The main point being that you create assets such as animations or videos in other applications and then import them into Director. Director is a poor animation tool and I don't recall any way to tween a vector animation. You could do it in Lingo or JavaScript code if you've got the chops.


          As a Director Developer I would create the kind of animation you described in After Effects or Flash and then export the animation as a series of PNGs. Once you import the animation sequence into Director you can lay it out on the timeline or play back the sequence of images via Lingo.

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            Computer41 Level 1

            I'm supposed to make the whole animation in Director. Not use Flash. I can use Freehand/Illustrator for vector graphics if needed but that's it. Also there is tween but it doesn't work the way I'd like it to. Director has some nice features, different from Flash, but right now what I'd like to do, it's not so practical for it.


            EDIT: Actually, I think it's a good idea, I'll do it in Flash, export images, and hope my teacher doesn't notice I didn't use flash. Cause the stuff I want is complicated for director. Would take too long.


            Thanks for the advice.

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              jchunick Level 2

              I'd say you have two options, then.


              1. Make something that's more practical in Director.

              2. Take what's been stated by Production Monkey about what Director really is and make a case to your instructor to do as PM says by creating your animation images in Flash and then import them as a sequence of images in Director... it might not hurt to try and add something to your idea that can be done well in Director.


              I've been an instructor and if a student made a clear and convincing case then I would let them do it, provided they showed me all their steps so I know they didn't go against the spirit of the project and cheat.

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