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    Confused re: CS5 v Elements, different versions of ACR, etc.


      I'm sorry, but I am just thoroughly confused now.


      I have been using CS4 with ACR 5.4 though I prefered Elements 6; I'd do my RAW editing with ACR and anything else, usually, with Elements 6.  But, yup, I got a new camera.  Still Nikon but I found out I had to have ACR 6.  So now I have Elements 9 and ACR 6 and I am noticing a lot of differences aka problems that I didn't have before.  So I am wondering if this is because I am trying to use this with Elements and am I going to have to get CS5?

      Here are my issues:


      1. Even though I tell it to open several files, only one NEF will open in ACR at a time.  If I open the image or close it, the next one will open it.  Previously in ACR 5.4 I had a sidebar of thumbnails on the left and could edit something like 70 images at once if I wanted.  This adds a lot of time to editing, of course, if I have to do them one at a time.


      2. In ACR, when I'm done editing and I click on Save Image, the only option I get to save it as is a DNG.  I had no idea what a DNG before today was.  Granted, I'm sure they're useful for many people but I really need to do save as a JPG, like before in version 5.4.  This also goes hand in hand with my first problem, before I would batch save them all when I was finished.  I don't understand why I should need yet another file type.  I looked at the DNG converter but I don't see how to save DNGs as JPGs without opening them (and again, version 6 is only letting me do one file at a time).


      I think there was more but I can't remember right now, if I do I'll come back lol


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          This Camera Raw FAQ entry helps sort some of the compatibility out.  As you probably know, you can look in the Camera Raw ReadMe files to determine what camera is supported by what version.


          When running as part of Photoshop Elements, Camera Raw reduces some of its features.  Perhaps this is at the root of the differences you are seeing.  I don't have personal experience with Camera Raw and Elements 9 together, but I can tell you that Camera Raw 6.x does allow the opening of multiple files as thumbnails along the left side of the dialog when run with CS5.  It also allows saving JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files, in addition to DNG.


          Perhaps you should have updated to Photoshop CS5 instead of Elements 9.



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            makuahine_v02 Level 1

            Thank you, that is what I needed to know.  Guess I will be getting CS5, too.  I kinda hate CS4 though, so when I found out I could use ACR with Elements, I was like "score!"  Too good to be true. 

            Thanks for your help.

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              MTSTUNER Level 6

              You should be able to open multiple camera raw files in camera

              raw in pse9 using the 6.3 camera raw plugin, but the elements plugin

              only allows saving to dng. Once you open the files into elements, you could

              use File>Process Multiple Files to batch save to another format.


              In the pse9 editor, your using File>Open and then selecting multiple camera raw files?


              What operating system?


              This is pse9 on windows:









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                makuahine_v02 Level 1

                I thought about using the batch processing but that's just another step and takes a lot more time when I could just be saving them from ACR.  Plus, I'm always already pushing my system to its very limits lol.


                As for opening the files, you're right if I open from within Elements, I do get the multiple files.  I actually never tried that before.     I have the ViewNX program by Nikon and I've always gone through that, using it to decide which to delete, which to open, etc., then I select all the ones I want and right click on one, select to open with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, whatever, and they would all open together.  Unless I picked too many, then it would tell me, and only open as many as it could handle.  Not that I didn't think you could open files the other way, I just never thought to try it, honestly, since I am already using ViewNX to look at the files and decide which ones I wanted.  I have Windows Vista.


                So that does take care of that, but still not the DNG issue which I guess is workable with batch processing but I'm not sure I want to do that when I have 50 or 70 files open.

                Really, I don't understand why you CAN'T save to JPG from ACR with Elements.  It makes sense that they would water it down so you couldn't do, say, PNG, or TIF, or something, but JPG??  It makes no sense to me whatsoever.


                As a side note, do you know how to stop the welcome screen from opening with Elements 9?  It was really easy with version 6...



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                  MTSTUNER Level 6

                  I think in nikon view nx, the individual applications need to be registered to open

                  multiple files in the adobe camera raw plugin. You can do that in view nx by going

                  to Edit>Options>Open With Application>Add. Then navigate to:

                  64 bit system;  C:\Program files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9

                  32 bit system; C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9 and choose the:







                  I don't know why saving to other formats is disabled in the elements plugin (sure

                  makes it a pain when you have that many images to process)

                  I guess you could adjust all your images in camera raw, then save dngs to a new folder

                  and then use the Process Multiple Files in elements to save those as jpegs so you

                  wouldn't have to open all those images in the elements editor all at once.



                  To bypass the welcome screen find the  PhotshopElementsEditor.exe as above, right click

                  and choose Send to>Create desktop shortcut.








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                    makuahine_v02 Level 1

                    Right - yes I had to register the program with it to open anything at all through there.

                    Guess I'm just going to have to get used to doing it the other way, at least for now.  CS5 will probably be in my future.

                    You're right about Process Multiple Files, too, that's probably how I'll have to end up doing it.  Just to save sanity. 


                    Thanks for the info about the Welcome Screen, too.  I know with 6 all I had to do was check a button