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    on(release) for a button controlling other mc's (not desired) even though calling a particular mc

    Skoolbus777 Level 1

      on(release) {







      I'm using this code for a button, and a code that's the same but with "prevFrame():" for a different button. It works when I single it out on its own FLA, but when I put it in another FLA that has other mc's it controls those mcs not the mc I intanced as "keyboardroller".  I think I could make the button into a MC and have a onclip event but I need to address the button since I have many of these and don't want to update all my buttons.


      I altered some code,,,, now when I drop the buttons with the instanced movie in another FLA... the buttons just don't do anything. But, by itself in its own FLA works fine.