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    Google query search

    kt03 Level 1

      I had never done this in the past.  My task now is creating the advance search using a Google query instead of SQL query.  I did some Google but not really fond helpful information.  Does anyone here as done similar thing in the past or if you know any links, example code, ect., just let me know and I really appreciate that.



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          Dave Watts Adobe Community Professional

          What exactly do you mean? Do you want to query:


          - public Google.com,

          - Google Site Search (CSBE),

          - a Google Search Appliance or Google Mini?


          Both Site Search and Google appliances can return raw XML, which you can easily parse and display. You're not really supposed to query Google.com directly from an application, although it's ok to embed a Google search box in an HTML page in some cases, I think. (Actually, I'm not even sure about that.)


          Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software