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    Why does my Word output have duplicate topics and incorrect numbering?

    Wish*~ Level 1



      I'm updating a help system.  So maybe the printed output was set up by the previous writer.  But the Word or PDF output has some duplicate topics and/or duplicate titles.  And the numbering is really messed up.  Is there a way I can fix this in RoboHelp so the output is generated correctly?


      You can see that in the setup for the printed content, some of the topics are double.  Would I just delete the duplicates?  For example, I could delete one of

      doublecontent.jpgthe Logging In topics?  The topic names are different from the titles in the files, so I wouldn't want to delete anything on accident, especially since I don't know how to get to this point with the chapter layout.



      OK, here is what's happening with the numbering- Random 1.'s are inserted, then the numbering will continue from the 1., rather than from the proper number, etc.

      numbering wrong.jpg

      Thanks for your help!