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    Motion Tracking A Camera Tilt

    JesseHarris Level 1

      I am inexperienced with Motion Tracking, and have only used Single Point tracking in shots where the camera is supposed to be locked off, or still.  However I have a "motion control" tilt shot that has a slight hitch in it towards the end of the move.  Single Point tracking is not the solution because it tries to correct the camera's desired, steady tilt.  Multi-point has not worked, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. 

      Should I use Parallel Pin or Perspective Pin tracking?  How would I maintain the desired motion of the camera frame and correct the slight bobble within that move?


      Thanks very much!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd think you stabilize it, then put in some keyframes manually to reintroduce the type of move you want.

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            JesseHarris Level 1

            Thanks so much for answering!  For some reason I didn't get an e-mail with your answer and only saw your reply when I checked the actual thread.  I'm going to give you a link to a small RAM preview I rendered out.  It's actually a rather big tilt, and I'm a little afraid to manually keyframe the whole 1+ sequence.  Maybe I should consider trimming and then taking your advice - reassembling in FCP.




            If you have a moment, and my link works, let me know what you think.  Thanks again for your time!

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              Easy, it's only two or three frames so you don't need to go out to Photoshop, just use position keyframes set to Hold. 



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                JesseHarris Level 1

                In looking frame-by-frame in AE, it's actually a jump - probably 2 skipped frames.  Maybe the telescope head jumped or something...  I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by setting keyframes to Hold.  Is that a button I'm missing, or do you mean to keyframe the Position just before the skip and just after?


                Thanks very much for taking the time to answer!

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I also think that the time lapse skipped 2 or 3 frames. The may be to split the layer just before it skips then move the top copy in y a couple of pixels until the tilt motion matches. You could do it with hold keyframes but splitting the layer would allow you to overlap them, change the blend mode to something like difference to help you line up the two sections of video, and get this shot fixed with the minimum amount of fuss.

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                    JesseHarris Level 1



                    Thank you for your insight!!  I really can't thank you enough - it was actually very simple - minimum fuss.  I have to admit it took a few hours to wrap my head around it, but after reading your slightly terse explanation a whole bunch of times, the lightbulb went on.  The goal was to eliminate the jump frame in particular and that meant duplicating the layer, (I don't know how to split a layer except to trim footage and this is a pre-comp I'm working on), sliding the bottom layer back one frame, adjusting y axis with difference mode on, on the top layer to match the new bottom layer position, could've also used opacity - and then cross-fading from top layer to the bottom layer.


                    I find your insights,experience and the way you impart your knowledge particularly valuable in this forum!  And thank you also to everyone else who weighed in.