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    Weird halo with new FLV compressor


      We are creating a video with a transparent background and putting it on yellow in Flash.


      The new Flash compressor is creating a strange "halo" around the subject. We can't figure out what is doing this. Even in the compressor preview in After Effects with the black alpha channel shown, we're not seeing this weird halo. Not until it's dropped into Flash.


      Here's what it looks like when put into Flash: http://i.imgur.com/oBQNT.jpg


      There are some issues with the project that disallow us to try other alternative methods:


      - The nature of the Flash behind the video dictates the FLV must be transparent and put on a yellow background in Flash. We cannot have a background in the FLV, it must be transparent.

      - There are elements in the video that look terrible when using the old FLV compressor. Oddly enough, the odd halo doesn't exist in that compressor.


      Thoughts? We haven't found a work around and it's driving our team nuts!