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    Turning off chromeColor in skins?


      Hi Everyone:


      I am wondering if there is any negative implication to doing something like this in my skins files:


      override protected function initializationComplete():void


      /* This skin is NOT using chrome color!!! */

                      useChromeColor = false;




      The reason being is that I find trying to implement colors with the multiplicative addition of colors via .css a real pain to get the exact color needed.  Since my designer brain does not work this way it is much more expedient for me to use the bit of code from above to remove the chrome coloring for these skins.


      Doing it this way allows for me to still specify the colors via .css but not have to deal with the multiplicative addition of color.


      Will this present any problems?   I tried to find information about this with no luck.  The search here did not return any results (although I think it is currently not working).