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    Fascinating Referencing Error


      I am an amateur Flash designer, and wanted to work on one portion of a Flash website, labelled, 'news', with a backup file in case I irrevocably messed up the original.  So, I 'Saved As' the 'news' file as 'newsBackup', creating two files, 'news' and 'newsBackup'.  Now when I run the index of the site, however, when I click the tab to bring up 'news', it doesn't work and I get the error message, Error opening URL 'file:///C|/Users/John%20Baldwin/Documents/Dreamweaver/Sites/sandhill/undefined'.  How can I fix this?  Any recommendations?  Thank you Flash gurus.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to check the code for that tab that is associated with trying to open the file that is currently coming up as "undefined".  Some variable in your code is not getting assigned what it should, which may mean the resource that it is relying on for the file name might be missing or is otherwise not getting properly targeted. You'll need to backtrack to see where that variable gets assigned some value to see what it is missing in assigning the right value.

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