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    Requiring a Quiz Question

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      I've got quiz questions interspersed in an Adobe Presentation. When run on
      a SCORM LMS, the student can click "Next" to bypass the question (resulting
      in an incorrect result).

      Is there a way to instruct Presenter to require a response to the quiz
      question before proceeding to the next slide?


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          Level 7
          In the Quiz Manager, there's an option to set

          "Required" > Answer All

          This gave the effect I had hoped for... the "NEXT" button is disabled until
          the question is answered.

          It created another problem... if the student clicks "PREVIOUS" without
          answering, the question will forever block progress in the course with a

          "You did not answer this question completely."

          And... it prevents the student from answering the question. Dead end.

          Is there a fix for this situation?


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            robva65 Level 2

            Many folks have experienced problems in this area. What I'm thinking based on your message, is that setting the option to Answer All may be the culprit here. And while we're at it, you might want to double check the "Allow backward movement" checkbox too.

            Not that I want to waste your time SC, but I'm including part of a post that was started some time ago where Jim the SciTrainer and I went through this problem together...so I'll give you some of the information we covered months ago, and hopefully it'll help you out.....

            As far as the "Required", "Answer All" etc options, what I've surmized is the following:
            (note: i created a dummy preso with a total of 6 slides...2 intro slides, then 3 question slides and then a final "conclusion" slide-- btw, this was not Breeze's "show score at end" slide--it was just plain content.)

            Required: in order to proceed past the last question, you must answer at least one of the questions in a quiz to proceed.

            Answer All: this is obvious to me now. You simply need to answer EVERY question ton continue.

            In a recent series of presentations that I've created, an additional problem we had to overcome was movement through multiple question slides in different areas of a presentation. Example: a few quesiton slides, then some basic content slides, then another bunch of question slides. The first series of questions were more like "check your knowledge" types (meaning that we didn't want to evaluate your answers or keep track of scores) while the second group of questions needed to be tracked. In this situation, we created 2 separate quizes and set the requirements differently for each. The first quiz section was set to " optional-the user can skip" and the second series was set to " required". With the option set to "Required", learners were still able to move back and forth (so long as the "Allow backward movement" checkbox is enabled!)

            I hope this helps!