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    Nvidia GTX 470 1.28GB vs GTX 560 1.0GB


      I have a NVIDIA GTX 470 with 1.28 GB memory (purchased but not installed) and an installed GTX 560 with 1 GB of memory.  As of this date I can return either according to the vendor.


      I am looking for guidance as to which of these cards would be the better to use with Premiere CS5.  Currently I am doing a lot of work with large still image files.


      I realize that I would need to "hack" Premiere to implement the MPE with the GTX560 but the card seems to be an improvement, if not a fairly major improvement, over the GTX 470.  Wikipedea says that "The Nvidia Geforce 500 Series graphics cards are significantly modified versions of the Nvidia GeForce 400 Series graphics cards, in terms of performance and power management."  Wikipedea goes on to explain the improvements in words that I fail to comprehend. On the other hand the GTX 470 has another 25% of memory on board which might be important, too.


      Any thoughts?  Thanks