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    Performance Concern

    VideoCrafters Level 1

      Just got a camera HMC-150 and am trying it out for the first time.


      Here is my system:


      asus p6x58d-e
      windows 7 64bit
      24 gig ram
      i7 950
      GTX-470 latest drivers
      antec 1000 watt power supply

      5 1t Western Digital Black Caviar Drives


      Scratch Disks:

      Video: Drive G - RAID 0

      Captured Audio: Drive D

      Video Previews: Drive G - RAID 0

      Audio Previews: Drive D


      Test clip: 1080p 30frame


      I put the clip on the timeline and it plays fine although on occasion there is a little skip.

      If I put a 2 second dissolve between clips it really stutters and slows way down.


      Any tips?