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    Inserts Do not go to Indicator in Timeline

    dgfitzpat Level 1

      When I select the "Insert" button in the Source Panel, the clip (which has "in" and "out" points) does not go to the correct spot in the sequence timeline.  But rather, it goes to a spot earlier in the sequence (where the timeline indicator IS NOT).  It's as though Premiere has held in its memory some previous spot where it wants to insert the clip.  The problem IS NOT that the clip is being applied to the wrong track.  The problem is that it is being inserted at a spot other than where the timeline indicator is. For example, I move the timeline indicator to the very end of the sequence.  I then click "insert" in the source panel expecting the clip to be added to the end of the sequence (where the timeline indicator is).  But instead, the clip are inserted much earlier in the timeline.  The workaround that I have been using is to manually drag the clip out of the source panel to the correct spot on the timeline.  I would like to know what I am doing wrong in using the "insert" and "overlay" buttons.