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    Conditional Build Tags Bug

    romanos51 Level 1

      I have several problems with RoboHelp9. I am using Windows7 and 64bit. This is the one causing the most trouble.


      Conditional build tags apply themselves unwanted and unassigned.

      The deletion of conditional build tags at the topic properties tag (right side window) does not work.

      I have to repeatedly go back and forth to the dialog and keep selecting and deleting.

      Some of the conditional build tags go clear, most don't.

      I go into the topic directly in the wysiwyg view and manually try to select and delete them, and they delete only with difficulty.

      After running through a long topic and using every method available to clear conditional build tags, I saved the project, then went in to manually apply cbtags, of which I am only using two.

      After applying them, and switching to the html window to adjust image sizes manually (because thru the wysiwyg interface the process takes too long), I find that the conditional build tag I applied to several tables and texts at the top of my topic have now applied themselves unasked to a number of the texts and even tables which I had cleared of all cbtags.

      I have just about had it with this program.


      This is only one of the many problems and bugs I have found and been trying to work around.


      I suppose that the solution to my problem is to not use conditional build tags at all, but I am working with about five years' worth of legacy technical documents that have all been upgraded to RH9 and as I am looking at them to make the standard revisions, I am noticing this phenomenon of wrongly applied cbtags in other projects.


      I would rate this as a bug of very high and critical importance.


      Has anyone seen this under the consitions stated? (RH9, upgraded RH7 projects, Windows7, 64bit).