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    Managing multiple movies on main Timeline

      i just started using actionscript. i don't understand how to write or organize the coding for this:

      first, i have 3 movie clips on the main timeline. the first movie clip is a series of buttons (the main navigation) within a movie clip that when rolled over, will jump to specific frame labels to change its look. no down or hit states. i got this to work.

      secondly, i'd like for this rollover function to display the 2nd movie clip, which contains 8 different movie clips (thumbnails).

      thirdly, i'd i'm trying to make the movie clip thumbnails act as buttons that when the onRelease occurs, it activates the final movie clip, (a Container movie clip), which will show about 15 different movie clips, each containing about 3 frames to display once clicked.

      i know this is kind of drawn out, but if anyone can get me started it would be a big help. the only actions i currenly have are stop(); actions. Other than that i'm lost.