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    After dragging a map and navigating away all other scenes are off centre..


      My Flash document contains several scenes, one of them is a draggable map including hotspots/buttons to navigate to another scene.


      After dragging the map then navigating from one of the buttons the next frame is remains off centre (as if when the map was dragged the whole Flash movie has been dragged away from the centre stage).



      The map is a graphic, inside that it is a button and then inside that the navigational button.


      In the timeline in an actions layer I have:




      mapisland.onPress = function(){


      mapisland.onRelease = function(){


      mapisland.onReleaseOutside = function(){


      And applied to the hotspot button:


      on (release) {



      The navigation and drag work fine, however as I stated before when navigated to the "Arrow" scene the all that can be seen of it is just a corner.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You