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    Flash CS3 Component Help?

      I have a menu component I've created in Flash CS3. I'm running into a small problem. Currently, in Flash, I create an array in the first frame of the movie and then assign a "menu_items" property (an array) on my menu object as that array. The array is an array of specialized menu item objects that is defined in a separate class. In Flex, I would like to do this:

      <mxml:macMenuItem image="btn1.png" click="{clickHandler}" />
      <mxml:macMenuItem image="btn2.png" click="{clickHandler}" />
      I'm not quite sure how I can get my object to realize the children should be part of the array inside of macMenu called "menu_item" and at the same time make sure they are an instance of my menu item class.

      I have posted the full AS3/Flash CS3 source of my menu at http://www.adambergman.com/as3/macMenu.html

      Any help or ideas are appreciated!!!