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    Netstream seek bug

    BeniRose Level 1
      Hey guys. I'm currently using a NetStream object to stream an external FLV for this media player I'm working on. The seek works well and so does the play/pause button, but not when using them consecutively. If I seek to anywhere in my movie, using NetStream.seek(Number); and then do a NetStream.pause(true); and then a NetStream.pause(false), my movie continues playback, but does so as it fast-forwards. Sometimes it does it for only a few seconds and sometimes it will skip through 5 minutes of video in 20 seconds. If I then do a pause/play again after it's done fast-forwarding and all "caught up", it works fine. The only time I can do a seek, followed by a pause/play without getting this bug is when I rewind to the begining with a seek(0);. I'm currently running Flash 8.

      Has anyone run into this bug before or does anyone know how to fix it?
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          BeniRose Level 1
          I've made a demo video of this incase my description isn't very clear. You can see I pause/play it in the begining with no problem. I then seek to around 8:45 then do a pause/play. It then fast-forwards through nearly 8 more minutes of video in under 40 seconds. Once it's "caught up" at around 14:20, I pause/play it again with no problem. I also then rewind it (seek(0);) and pause/play it with no problem. If I were to seek it again the same way I did the first time, I'd still have the problem.

          Here's a link to the video. It's an AVI file.
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            BeniRose Level 1
            I found a quick solution, by storing the NetStream.time before playback and then seeking to it right after Netstream.pause(false);

            temp = stream_ns.time;

            Simple enough. Still curious about this bug though.