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    flash cs3 bug

      Hi my name is José Carlos, sorry for my english I´m from spain, well I´m having troubles with flashCS3 or whit flash player 9 i don't know but I think it´s a bug in the program.
      When I write:
      on (release) {
      getURL("contacto.html", "mainFrame");

      it doesn't work of course you know that mainFrame is because my flash button has the instruction but in dreamweaver I have frames for the website, in all other versions of flash never have a problem but in the new version it doesn't work well, the main frame does't change or the explorer window opens like a pop up window.
      What do i do?!?!?!
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          > When I write: [in Flash CS3]
          > on (release) {
          > getURL("contacto.html", "mainFrame");
          > }
          > it doesn't work

          The reason this doesn't work is because your document is configured to
          publish to ActionScript 3.0. This is NOT a Flash CS3 bug at all. ;) It's
          a result of the way AS3 works.

          > What do i do?!?!?!

          Either change your Publish Settings for ActionScript 2.0, or use the AS3
          approach to event handling. If you're using AS3, you'll also have to update
          getURL() to navigateToURL().

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