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    help! linking flash form with mysql database

      Hello! i have a flash form that is for 'contacting us' you enter email, name and question and click send and it should submit info into a MySQL database and also email me, i can easlily do that in PHP, but i dont know flash. Could someone look at my scripts or something? or help me out here? i dont know where to start........

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You can use the LoadVars class

          var myLv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

          Then where you have the submit action... eg.

          submitButton.onPress = function() {
          myLv.email = email_Tf.text; //email_Tf.text is the text field for email etc.
          myLv.name= name_Tf.text;
          //send the data and send response to browser
          myLv.send("contactus.php","_self","POST"); //or GET


          Alternative: if you want to stay on the same page and have flash receive the response itself, use myLv.sendAndLoad - in this case you need another LoadVars instance to receive the response from the server