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    Poll Submission

      Does anyone know what the best way to run a poll(radio button) is? I put up some Radio buttons but I can't get the submission button to work. How can I have the results sent to me? Or, if possible, put up in the scene?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          If what you mean is a normal poll where people vote on a site and you see the results after your vote for each category... then you need to have a server side script (e.g. a php script) to process the vote - (i.e. update the totals for each category) and return the poll data to flash so that it can display the results.

          If that's what you want to do, then there are a few examples online. You can find them by searching for : php flash poll tutorial
          for example.
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            Anim9or Level 1
            Thank you, I'll get right onto it