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    Customized LegendItems

      I want to create customized LegendItems for a legend of a chart.
      That should includes the marker and an image (logo) instead of the default label. I tried to create a subclass o LegendItem, but it didn't work.
      This is my code, I tried with: (Found in Flex Help)
      It dosen't create my test button in this case. Any suggestions?

      package de.t4media.components.charts
      import mx.charts.LegendItem;
      import mx.controls.Button;

      public class MyLegendItem extends LegendItem


      private var mode_mc:Button;

      public function T4LegendItem()

      //TODO: implement function

      override protected function createChildren():void {

      // Call the createChildren() method of the superclass.

      // Test for the existence of the children before creating them.
      if (!mode_mc) {
      mode_mc = new Button();
      mode_mc.label = "Toggle Editing";
      //mode_mc.addEventListener("click", handleClickEvent);
      // Add the child component to the custom component.