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    Fireworks Brush Lag?

      I really want to learn how to use fireworks efficiently, but it just isn't happening like this... i'm not sure if this is something wrong with just my install or the software, but when i use the brush tool, and only the brush tool, it is extremely laggy as if I'm doing something extremely complex (after i finish drawing a circle, for example, the brush will be about 1/10 of the way done drawing it and i can watch it complete the circle).

      While its doing this the brush is refreshing like mad and is making me go crazy

      Is this supposed to be doing this because adobe figures you don't use a brush to make strokes in web design or is something wrong? [Relevant] System specs below

      AMD X2 4200+ @2.4ghz
      Geforce 6800 gt
      Win Vista Ultimate x64
      2 gigs memory