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    compatibility issues are making me sad. help appreciated.


      Hi all,


      I have just completed my first site in Flash Catalyst. Yay!! But now it's online for the world to see, and there are a few problems.


      Problem 1: My friends running Mac on Firefox, Safari or Chrome see the site no problems, but for PC users, it seems the browser crops the side of the site off. I specifically designed it in 800x600 to avoid that problem.


      Problem 2: Some of the transitions are lumpy, and introduce elements that i have hidden in my library.


      Problem 3: The video plays pretty badly. Is there a way to autoplay after it buffers to a certain point to stop it from jarring?


      If anyone could have a look at my site and give me feedback, i'd be greatly appreciative.




      I'm a TV editor, and this is my first attempt at a website so i apologise if my terminology is all wrong.