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    PP Worked fine in Trial Version, now has .dll error message

    D3S user

      Hello Adobistists.


      I have a purchsed version of CS5 Production Pro on the way.


      Used up all of the days rendering in trial version and while I await, thought to load the Master Collection for a temporary platform.


      Several uninstalled, reinstalls and everything else works except Premiere Pro which has an error listed as: LoadLibraryEx.dll failed with error 127. The specified procedure could not be found.


      I did search this and found a short fix suggested with an updated software packet, did that to no avail.


      I was at Richard Harrington's seminar last week, two hours, and he alluded that the CPU and RAM resources would be capable, even when timeline is Red.

      Mercury will have to wait.


      This is W7P, i7, 500GB, 8MGB Ram, ancillary 2TB eSATA, GeForce 380M limited at 500MBPS but I mentioned, was doing fine on the original trial (misssing Encore etc of course).


      I reinstalled Nvidia drivers, etc. and am hopeful that the hard copy which is on the way, will solve the issues, yikes otherwise, a couple of development projects will suffer.


      Toshiba has a new machine pending, with the i7 Sandy Bridge core, which I'll upgrade to


      The MAC's are not partnered with Nvidia at this time to take advantage of the Mercury engine which Richard says is not just a playback engine and intergrates with other functionality in CS5.


      Intel's bad, on revise and release target for this month: http://indolaptops.blogspot.com/2011/01/toshiba-qosmio-x500-q930s-with-nvidia.html


      Any suggestions will be gnawed upon, thanks in advance.


      Rob Manning


      8 feet closer to Japan then we were yesterday