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    Can Flex?

      I was wondering if i can create a data driven animation app with flex.
      An example would be dots on a race track based on data.
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          You could create this kind of thing with Flex, but I wouldn't recommend it as it would be more work than its worth for the project. I imagine with something like this, you would create the animation in the Flash IDE and then load that SWF file into Flex to receive data updates from your application.
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            peterent Level 2
            If you do write the animation in Flash and load it into Flex 2, you will need LocalConnection to communicate between the two. We have a techNote on this in the Adobe Flex developer center.


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              bsmith21 Level 1
              My plan is to have real time data provided by a database and have the animation move based on the changing data.

              Is the recommended solution to embed flash into flex?