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    Why is the output file jerky ?

    ryan_khoo Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have AE CS5 on my Mac. My system is 27" iMac core i5 with 12 GB RAM DDR3 1333 MHz with quad core.


      I rendered a 40 seconds clip with an earth spinning.


      I output it to mov format in 1920 x 1080.


      When I did a RAM preview, it was fine & the earth was spinning smoothly.


      But the output file (in mov) - (I did thru Composition > Make movie) when I play using QuickTime player is jerky at 20th Sec to 29th sec.


      I then import this mov file into Final Cut, it look stuck in the Viewer but was perfect on the Canvas.


      When I render in Final Cut, the output file as mov and use the same Quick Time player to play it & it is perfect.


      Can I know what is the reason that it is not working in Quick Time the first time when it was fresh out from AE ?


      Thank you.