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    SWF one after another


      I've got some short AVI movies. I wanted to join them in one animation and add some special efects. But when I saved animation to one SWF I relized that soud tracks in movies don't fit to them - i some it's too late in some it's too early and in some it's OK. So i can't fit it by changeing Frame Rate.
      I decided to make few SWFs and somehow open them one after another. And that's the problem. How can I do it? I would like to get one file (ofcourse it can be animation), which will open prepared SWFs one after another.
      Or mayby there is Action Script which I can put on the end of first SWF and it would open second SWF. And I would do it in all animations.

      I work with Macromedia Flash Professional 8.