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    Why on earth no support for a:visited ?

      I have read from other forums that others too would very much like to see Flash support a:visited. Much to my suprise after 4 years and two new releases of Flash supporting css, there still is no support for a:visited. A:visited allows the user to see which hyperlinks they have already selected. I don't even care if a:visited functions after my Flash site closes like html, just as long as it works while the Flash site is running. It would be a great benefit for our clients. We do whole sites with lots of text links in Flash.

      I'm currenly attempting a workaround to override the css style for a selected <a href> section of text. I may end up not even using css and have to create a bunch of code to simulate it somehow. I held off resorting to such extreme measures assuming Flash 9 would have it by now. But it looks as though it may never be incorporated for unknown reasons.

      Any suggestions on the a:visited workaround are very much appreciated.

      Of course Windows Presentation Foundation may offer this and 3D too.