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    Sketch24 Level 1
      Hi I'm trying to build a stock manager but I need Flex to connect to my client database. It's an access database.
      Does anybody know a good site for a tutorial on flex and database connect access or sql.

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          If you're are looking to use Flex as a database front end (like Visual Basic) you're using the wrong tool

          Flex really only implements the Web tier of a multi tier web application. The data layer would have to run on an application server. You would need to use some other tools for database connectivity and connect them to you flex application via
          web services.

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            That being said, it's not completely illogical to use URLLoader to load a server-side script (ie a php file) which executes your database queries, and reports the result to the Flex application. Or, if you have server-side software installed, you could use that (but I'm not familiar with those options).
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              JKohn99 Level 1
              If you can wait what you really want is Apollo (now called Air currently in beta). It has
              a sql interface for accessing databases. However I believe that once you start using local resources the resulting application becomes a desktop application, not a web application. This is due to the security restrictions of the Flash player.
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                Which database you want to connect to ?

                I've done something to connect to sql server database with a webservice.
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                  ntsiii Level 3
                  AIR is its own run-time (Adobe Integrated Runtime) and does not use the Flash Player, so it is not bound by those security restrictions.

                  The database is built-in SQLlite. AIR does NOT give you access to other databases.