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    Width of Dynamic Linkbutton

    Ukie_239 Level 1
      I have a linkbutton created in actionscript, with text inputted into the box. I cannot get the width of the box. How can i get the width of a linkbutton created dynamically
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          Hi Ukie,

          If i've understood what you're asking correctly - to get the width of a dynamically created link button you could do the following:


          private function init():void
          var linkBtn:LinkButton = new LinkButton();

          linkBtn.x = 150;

          linkBtn.y = 168;

          linkBtn.name = "myLinkBtn";

          linkBtn.label = 'My Dynamic Link Button';


          linkBtn.addEventListener(FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, linkBtnHandler);

          private function linkBtnHandler(evt:Event):void


          Just make sure you have the function init() in the applications creationComplete event.

          Hope this helps,

          - Tony