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    dynamic text alpha (revisited)

      i am using flash 8 professional, and i have an app that loads a swf and steps through using _alpha to fade in. my problem is that if it contains a dynamic text box, the rest of the movie fades in, but the text "pops" in. I am using htmlText to set the text in the textfield and styling it using CSS.
      Before you say it, I clicked on embed fonts. then nothing shows up. i tried included a textbox elsewhere (same movie, master movie, etc.) with the font embedded, didn't help.
      my CSS is using the same font that i am embedding, Century Gothic.
      i tried using the transition manager class directly on the movie clip that contains the text box, it still "pops".
      the app uses a lot of partial transparency so using an opaque mask and fading it out isn't an option.
      on my designers list of things to fix, this is number one.
      oh yeah and i tried including the font in my library too.
      any ideas you can't find through google?