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    kuler desktop installation problems?

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      If you downloaded the Adobe AIR (Apollo) runtime and then installed the kuler desktop and you are experiencing problems:

      1. Troubleshooting: Completely uninstall the Adobe AIR runtime and the kuler desktop application. If you are using the Mac OS, empty your trash too. Then install the AIR file and kuler desktop files on the Links page on kuler. under "kuler content."

      2. Reporting: If you are still having issues, please report the problem with the following information:
      - Describe what happened/steps to repro.
      - What version of the Adobe AIR (Apollo) are you using? (e.g., air_b1_win_061107.exe)
      - What version of the kuler desktop are you using? (e.g., kuler_desktop_061007)
      - What is your OS?
      - Please attach a screengrab of any error message you are receiving.

      Thank you!