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    Preferences reset upon launch

      Flex Builder 3 continues to reset my preferences each time I launch it. This completely hoses my workspace, and I have to reimport projects each time I use it.

      In preferences, settings in General>Workspace>Linked Resources are wiped out and reset to default. The same is true of Flex>Installed Flex SDKs, and quite probably all other settings, but these are the ones that irk me.

      In addition, Flex Builder 3 continues to create a "Flex Builder Moxie" folder in my ~/Documents folder upon each launch.

      Note: I have moved the Flex Builder 3 application folder to a non-default location. Are there configuration settings I have to manually change in external files to get Flex Builder to respect my preferences?

      System details: Mac OS X 10.4.9 Build 8P2137, Dual-Core Intel Xeon, plenty of RAM.