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    Burning NTSC project to DVD PAL




      For several years, I have been using Premiere Elements to work with my home movies.

      Recently I recorded footage with Canon HV-20  in high definition  (  HDV 1080 i )

      and then edited with version 4.0 using HDV 1080i  1440x1080 frame size and 29.97 frame rate setting.

      Finally I burned Blu-ray disk for my self and DVD disk for my friends. Both look great.

      I live in Chicago suburb and both production as well as camcorder material

      are in NTSC  TV system.

      However, I also burn same project to PAL widescreen dolby DVD , for viewing in European country covered by PAL TV system.

      When I previewed this PAL disk on my computer , video is jerky , specially when moving objects are present, or when panning with camcorder. This looks similar to video with reverse field order.

      Also viewed this DVD with stand-alone DVD player, which is capable to play

      both NTSC and PAL disk with same result.

      My next step was burning this project to folder on computer , and result did not change.

      In addition, color and sound has been degraded in some way.

      Why this happens and is it anything I can do to fix this issue?

      Can anybody recommend how to burn NTSC project to PAL DVD with possible

      same quality what I achieved burning NTSC disk?