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    how do you actually create a project?

      so right now im in a dillema, i know the basics and all but i still cant understand how to create a fully functional project,


      say i want to follow this for practice by looking at source code. Do programmers actually say create 12 files or whatever and have them talk with one another or do they start out with one file and once the program is done then they go about splitting it. How does the process work. Thanks
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          I try to think in advance of some of the more obvious things that should be put into external files or components. I then pretty much start with my main app file, but then as I am building and when I realize something can be put into the external file or built as a component, i do so. Sometimes I later move things out from the app file if I realize I can. It seems from reading that the more you can put into separate files the better for maintainability and so on.
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            All right thanks, ya cause it seems if i do all these seperate files, i lose track of what is going on or what needs to be done,. so start with app then once whatever u want works try and break it up. Thanks