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    MP3 Player - Is it realistic with Flex???

    cyber fyb Level 1
      Hi every Flex fans and Flex experts,

      After a week of fluctuation from happy to angry, I conclude that there is not a lot of resource to build a nice-and-easy MP3 player in a Flex application. Yes and no! I mean, there is some basic solutions, such as the idea from Viper Creation ( http://www.vipercreations.com/tutorials/Adobe%20Flex/29.html). But when you look at all those SWF available from Flashkit.com or whatever the web site is - in case of independant flash developer - it seems that there is a lack concerning parameters when it is time to use the SWF at the full advantage. What I mean by that is most of those super Flashy MP3 Player - working with a playlist in XML - are passing a lot of parameters to setup the style of the player. In Flex, we can use the component SWFLoader and indicate the Source but when you try to play to much with the parameters (everything after the "?" and split with "&"), the system does not like it and you cannot compile!

      I been looking and looking since there is not a lot of documentation at this time to try to find a way to play with parameters but without a lot of succes.

      If anybody have hint to help me, please do not hesitate.

      Thank youm