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    Elements bound to bindable vars not updating

      Hi all,

      Sorry for total newbie question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

      I've got several elements in my application that are bound properties of an XML object. For example:

      [Bindable] public var requisition:XML;

      <mx:Panel width="99%" height="98%" styleName="stepPanel" title="{'Please enter details about this ' + parentDocument.requisition.requisition_line.descr}">

      The requisition object is set in the result handler of an HTTPService call.

      The problem seems to be that once the element (in this case <Panel>) is rendered once, any changes to the value of parentDocument.requisition.requisition_line.descr do not cause the panel's title to be redrawn.

      This happens on simpler data types as well:

      public function get estimatedTotal():Number{
      return rate * hours

      <mx:Text text="{'$' + estimatedTotal}"/>

      I'm sure there's some core concept I haven't fully grasped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.