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    sendAndLoad dosent works on a remote server but worls locally!


      I really have a serious problem using the sendAndLoad method which i use to retrieve variable from mysql DB uploaded on a remote server. I have the php files in a folder functions which is under web and the AS classes and swf and html in the root of the web folder uploaded on the FTP server. When I execute this method locally everything is working perfectly but when it is uploaded on the server with the same db i get undefined value (vars.lastorder = this.lastorder;).I actually need to get the last order id from the PHP script. When I try and pass data the method is working and the server executes insert query but when i try retrieve im not able to retrieve the value remotley I really dont have an idea about this problem cause its functioning on the local level and not remotely. Im using Apache 2.0 server locally and the hosting provider has 1.3.37 could this be a problem? Or there are some security issues involved? Or do you see a problem that the action script files and the php are not in the same folder but i dont think so cause the other methods are working.
      Can you give me any suggestions im really trying hard with this problem 3 days. The code that I use is posted below.