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    JSFL - adding stroke


      hi all,


      I need to add stroke to a selection



      My over all objective is:

      to go into a movie clip,

      copy the vector drawing there

      create new layer

      paste the there




      i need to add stroke to the vector i the borrom layer to size 10


      if (fl.getDocumentDOM().selection.length == 0) 
           fl.trace("Error: Nothing selected.");
      } else 
           var myStroke = fl.getDocumentDOM().getCustomStroke("selection");
           myStroke.color = "#FFCC00";
           var myStroke = fl.getDocumentDOM().getCustomStroke("toolbar");
           myStroke.color = "#FFCC00";


      i am able to do all the above except adding stroke .... stroke is not getting added ....


      Please help