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    Flash video not reporting when finsihed

    Federated Films Level 1
      Using a flash video object in Flash 9 via netStream off my local hard drive I am finding when my long video reaches the end I don't get the expected NetSream.Play.Stop. I just get this from the netStream.onStatus at the end of the video

      status : NetStream.Buffer.Full
      status : NetStream.Buffer.Empty
      status : NetStream.Buffer.Full

      If I make a 10 second version of the video I do get the expected NetSream.Play.Stop. I am using On2 VP6 and have tried it as CBR and VBR bit rates.

      Oddly enough as I switched to this web site to type this and the flash movie was overwritten by the browser I suddenly got the NetSream.Play.Stop! WTF is going on with this video object, it used to do this in Flash 8, you'd think the boys at Adobe would have made this system work better by now?

      Any thoughts on how to deal with a unreliable video system?