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    Honest Question: Why?

      I'm honestly trying to figure out the advantage of using the "Flex module for Apache and IIS".

      I've successfully installed and used it... but I'm at a loss for understanding why I would want to use this.

      I'm walking through it my head:

      I upload an mxml file and it will compile a swf on the fly (also it seems to take a while to compile for the first time.. i guess it caches it somewhere)

      So I think, "Okay, I see the advantage - I can just refer to the ' http://server_name/myApp.mxml.swf' and load it into my SWFLoader".

      And yes, that can work if you fix sandbox problems... but then I'm left asking "why" again...

      Why would I not just compile the SWF and load it in rather than uploading the mxml file and having the server create the SWF which is loaded in?

      I could definitely see the advantage if you could send switches to the mxml file (beyond "?debug=true")

      Can you pass things along the query string to truly compile a dynamic SWF based on what your request, or is this nothing more than relocating the SWF compiliation?