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    RemoteObject with a non AMF protocol

    Radu Cocieru
      Hi !

      I am trying to use RemoteObject with a non AMF protocol.
      This is a section of my services.xml that is added to the compiler command line

      <channel-definition id="core-services" class="ro.huddle.rpc.hessian.HessianChannel">
      <endpoint uri=" http://devserver:8080/spring-hessian/remoting/Services" />

      here is how I use it:
      service = new RemoteObject("coreServices");
      service.concurrency = "multiple";
      var t:AsyncToken = service.login("user","pass");
      My problem is that only the first call works as it should, all the other calls don't even get to the server, the internalSend from the HessianChannel class doesn't get called except for the first time.

      Anyone can help me with some documentation on how RemoteObject works ? The Flex2 help is very shallow on how the remoting mechanism works.

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          Does your HessianChannel subclass another Channel implementation?
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            Radu Cocieru Level 1
            Yes, it subclasses Channel, but I also tried with HTTPChannel, unfortunately I couldn't override the AFMXDecode and Encode to adapt it ... if I could that would've solved all the troubles
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              RemoteObject on the client doesn't do a whole lot, I would suspect that it's
              your custom Channel does not set the right flags to make the ChannelSet think
              that it successfully connected on the first request?

              Can you add an event listener to your RemoteObject's ChannelSet (accessible
              via its channelSet property) and listen for channelFault events?

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                Radu Cocieru Level 1
                I've added a TraceTarget to the main MXML this is what I get
                'core-services' channel endpoint set to http://pc3:8080/remoting/Services
                '8F17263B-CDAB-BCAB-0634-B93F8D347453' producer set destination to 'core-services'.
                '8F17263B-CDAB-BCAB-0634-B93F8D347453' producer sending message 'D2B42D6E-4D55-37AF-ED77-B93F8D34C30B'
                'core-services' channel is connected.
                'core-services' channel sending message:
                body = (Array)#1
                [0] "user"
                [1] "pass"
                clientId = (null)
                destination = "core-services"
                headers = (Object)#2
                messageId = "D2B42D6E-4D55-37AF-ED77-B93F8D34C30B"
                operation = "login"
                source = (null)
                timestamp = 0
                timeToLive = 0
                '8F17263B-CDAB-BCAB-0634-B93F8D347453' producer connected.
                '8F17263B-CDAB-BCAB-0634-B93F8D347453' producer acknowledge of 'D2B42D6E-4D55-37AF-ED77-B93F8D34C30B'.
                ---- This is end of the first call on the service ----
                --- and this is a trace after I push a button for another call ---
                '8F17263B-CDAB-BCAB-0634-B93F8D347453' producer sending message 'C3961123-04D1-8A2A-5C6D-B93FEFFFD51E'
                --- And nothing after this ----

                the ChannelFaultEvent.FAULT .. event on ChannelSet is never fired